When walking the safety of both yourself and the group are paramount. Consequently, Kilmacthomas Walking Club has some regulations.

  1. Walkers must obey the walk leader at all times.
  2. Walkers must wear hiking boots
  3. Walkers should not wear blue jeans
  4. In all cases the final decision on participation for all walkers lies with the walk leader and his/her decision is final.

Even though you intend going for a 3-4 hour hike you may be out for much longer than that.

The Weather may deteriorate so that you cannot safely move, or only very slowly.

Someone may get injured necessitating some staying with the injured party and others going for help

In such circumstances it may get dark and you may have to remain until morning

It is recommended that you always be prepared to be out for 24 hours. This means that you have:

  • A bivvy bag
  • Foil Blanket
  • First aid kit (Maybe a group one)
  • Food (High energy bars, Choc, Muesli)
  • Water
  • Whistle
  • Torch with spare bulbs and batteries

The cost of the above material is very little (probably €10 at most for the bivvy bag and blanket) and the total weight is quite low. It’s true that the chances of such an occurrence is tiny, but the consequences could be very serious.


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