Dogs on the hills

As outlined in the Walking with Wildlife information leaflet, the presence of dogs on the hills is an animal welfare issue.

To quote from the leaflet:

“The survival of the birds and animals that live in the uplands is often threatened by harsh weather, predators and limited food.  Disturbance by dogs is detrimental to already vulnerable wildlife.  The presence of a dog will also cause stress to sheep. and where dogs are off-lead sheep may be chased and injured.  The failure of a minority of dog owners to keep their dogs under control means that dogs are not welcome in the Comeragh Mountains and in most upland areas.

Please respect wildlife and farm animals by not taking dogs onto the hills.  Where dogs are welcome, ensure that you dog is under effective control  at all times.  As there are risks to humans and livestock from dog faeces, always make sure to clean up after your dog.”

The Walking with Wildlife leaflet was produced by Mountaineering Ireland in conjunction with the Comeragh Upland Communities EIP project and with the support of several government and EU agencies.

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